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Search2Earn | Dark WEB3 Browser is a WEB 3.0-based decentralized browser that earns $DARK tokens every time you search

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Dark WEB3 Browser is a WEB 3.0-based decentralized browser that earns $DARK tokens every time you search, protects your privacy while surfing the Internet, and prevents you from leaving any traces. (Premium privacy)

Tired of accepting cookies?

You can avoid accepting cookies with Dark Web3 Browser. It does not keep any cookies and provides 100% security.

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Stop sharing your IP !

No one can see your IP address unless you want, and you will be invisible while using Dark Web3 Browser.

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Travel the World with VPN

You can access any website that you cannot access from your own country for free with Dark VPN.

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By logging into your Dark Wallet or Metamask account, you can exchange or transfer cryptocurrencies.

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Online privacy by default: Dark Web3 vs. other browsers

  • Strong protection
  • No protection
  • Limited protection

Built-in features

Dark Web3 logo DarkWeb3
Google Chrome logo Chrome
DuckDuckGo logo DDG
Edge logo Edge
Firefox logo Firefox
Safari logo Safari

Invasive ads blocked

Cross-site trackers blocked

Cookies blocked

Fingerprinting blocked (cookie-less trackers)

Malware & phishing protection*

Protections against bounce tracking

Anonymized network routing (Tor mode)

* Google safe browsing + malware & phishing protection from crowd-sourced lists. Table describes default browser configurations.


  • Fairlunch
  • Liquidity 21% (21,000,000)
  • Development 14% (14,000,000)
  • Team 10% (10,000,000)
  • Partners 8% (8,000,000)
  • Marketing 7% (7,000,000)
  • CEX Reserve
Token Name

Dark Web3

Token Symbol


Total supply


Blockchain network

Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

LP Locked for 1 year


and over 20+ partners